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As doctors, we get many questions about prescription drugs so we wanted to create this page as a resource. At VirtualDr., one of our services is providing prescription refills but we want to give you some important information that you should know about prescription drugs. Below, we answer some of the frequently asked questions about prescription drugs. If you still have questions, we encourage you to reach out to our team at VirtualDr.ca to book an appointment with one of our licensed and trained family physicians.

What Are Prescription Drugs?

A prescription drug is a pharmaceutical medication that must legally be prescribed by a doctor, as opposed to over-the-counter drugs (referred to as OTC) which can be purchased without regulation by a physician. Prescription drugs are regulated by Health Canada to ensure their safety when taken as directed.

How Can I Refill My Prescription?

With VirtualDr., prescription refills are easy and quick. When you meet with a VirtualDr., our doctor will ask you all the necessary questions in order to understand what your medical needs are and determine the right medication for you. We can also look at existing prescriptions that you are currently taking and order refills when appropriate.

Whether your original prescription came from us or another physician, we can order prescription refills when it is medically necessary and appropriate to do so. With VirutalDr.ca it’s easy to get access to the medications you need.

When Would I Need Prescription Medication?

Drugs are prescribed by a doctor for a number of reasons. These include preventing disease (antibiotics to cure an infection for example), relieving pain from injury or illness, or managing medical and psychological conditions that cannot be cured (anti-anxiety medications or antidepressants for example).

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Can I Mix My Medications?

Before starting any type of medication, it’s important to tell your doctor about any other medications you’re currently taking. Your healthcare provider will know which drugs can interact with what you are taking so that adverse effects can be avoided. Poly-drug use (the use of more than one drug) can be dangerous, so it is important to speak openly with your doctor about the drugs you are taking.

What Factors Determine The Prescription I Get?

When prescribing drugs to a patient, there is a list of variables that the physician must consider. These include the height, weight, age and gender of the patient, existing medical conditions, medication allergies or intolerances as well as possible drug interactions. To ensure that you are getting the best options available, it is important to speak openly and honestly with your doctor.

Are Prescription Drugs Safe?

When taken properly and under the care of a physician, prescription drugs can be safe and in many cases, they are necessary. If for example, you have strep throat, antibiotics are required to kill the infection and prevent further illness.

It is important to take the proper prescribed dose at the same time each day. Do not skip doses or take less than the recommended dose as a way of saving money. Take the medication until it is completely finished or until your doctor tells you to stop taking it. Make sure you are only taking medicine that has been prescribed to you. Taking someone else’s medication is unsafe.

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Can I Get A Prescription Online?

Doctors are able to prescribe medications to a patient after they have examined or met with the patient and can safely determine that a particular medication is appropriate to prescribe.

At VirtualDr. We take the time to meet face to face (over a screen) and get to understand our patient’s concerns and conditions so that we can treat you safely and effectively. If you have a medical concern, please register and book your online appointment with one of VirtualDr’s friendly and knowledgeable online doctors. We’re here to help.

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