Welcome to Virtual Dr.!

VirtualDr.ca is an online medical clinic that is free for all Ontario residents with a valid OHIP card. It is quick, easy and convenient. You can speak to a Canadian-licensed physician from anywhere in Ontario. Our services are friendly, professional, and secure. We are committed to providing high quality medical care and are here to help you when you need us! 

Our Mission

At Virtual Dr., it is our mission to bring expert healthcare services to all Ontario residents. Our patients’ health is our top priority. We believe that all Canadians are deserving of quality healthcare services without long wait times or jumping through hoops to get an appointment. Virtual Dr. brings these top quality, professional and compassionate services right to you. 

No more wasted time traveling, long waits in a crowded, or sitting in an uncomfortable waiting room filled with sick patients. We bring our team of dedicated, Canadian licensed physicians to you, with the click of a button.   

Our Vision

When we say “Healthcare at Your Convenience” we are referring to convenience for both the patient and for the physician. At Virtual Doctor, we envision a flexible, creative and innovative future in patient care and in Ontario’s healthcare accessibility. We are passionate about our vision and we are excited to be able to provide this opportunity to both doctors and patients. 

Free With OHIP

All our services are free for Ontario residents with valid health card

Skip The Waiting

Pre-book your confirmed appointment. No need to wait for hours in walk-in clinics

Same Day Appointment

Consult with our doctors at your convenience on your schedule

Licensed Canadian Doctors

All our doctors are experienced and licensed Canadian doctors

Safe & Secure

Privacy is our top priority. We take excellent care of your data.

Professional & Friendly

Our doctors are highly professional and friendly, always ready to help